CT Technical Assistance: Effectiveness across the board

We provide comprehensive technical support for every environment by offering a single Canada wide point of contact for printing equipment as well as managed print services and electronic document management services.

A competent and dedicated team

Customer service has always been a key concern for us. That’s why we provide our technicians with continued training, ensuring their knowledge of new technologies is always up to date so they can provide optimal maintenance of your equipment and solutions. Just one inspection is enough to make a reliable diagnosis. In addition, we are committed to using original parts only, to ensure the long-term reliability of all your devices.
Our team provides ongoing and agile support, in line with your business objectives.

Smart service

From billing to service calls, meter readings and supply orders, Groupe CT ensures centralized, transparent and proactive follow-up for all your offices, wherever you are situated.

Track billing

Find all your invoices in one place: My CT will help you manage your work environment effectively. The consolidated billing service gives you ongoing, customized visibility of your billing, for all your offices.

Service calls

Our Customer Service can take your call during business hours. Make a service call 24/7 online, by email or via My CT. You can also see a history of service calls and calls in progress on this platform.

Meter readings

Increase your efficiency! Sending your meter readings via My CT is easy and reliable. For increased efficiency, we offer automated meter reading by a data collector. This service is free of charge for all our clients. Learn more about Printfleet.

Ordering supplies

Managing cartridge orders with CT is simple: you won’t have to do it! We will be notified automatically when an order is required, without you having to worry. No more endless stock-taking for cartridges! This service is offered free of charge to all our clients. Make life easier.

FM Audit: an invaluable tool

This data collector analyzes the consumption of your printing machines and is reliable, secure and transparent. The system sends alerts and error codes, enabling proactive management. Transmission of meter readings and cartridge orders is automated, without you needing to do anything, reducing management and cartridge stock-taking costs. This invaluable instrument supports continual upgrading of your print fleet, offering an insight into the performance of your printing devices. This tool is offered free of charge to all our clients.


My CT: your smart and customized environment

We have a reputation for simplifying the lives of our clients at all levels. All Groupe CT clients get My CT, a web platform providing smart and customized management of their environment.
From billing to service calls, meter readings and supply orders, Groupe CT ensures centralized, transparent and proactive aftercare for all your offices, wherever you are situated.

Our certifications

We are proud to hold several certifications, ensuring our clients cutting-edge expertise and high-quality products and services. We invest in training and certification of our technicians to meet the high service standards of our manufacturers. These certifications allow us to access the valuable support of our partners, with direct benefit for our clients.

In addition to manufacturing certifications, we encourage our technicians to obtain additional accreditations in order to provide our clients with a high level of technical expertise.


Access My CT

My CT is simple and efficient and allows you to make a service call, pass on your meter readings, request for a device to be moved and access your billing history.

Fill out a support request

To request technical assistance, please fill out the form below.

If you are already a Groupe CT client, we recommend using the My CT portal.

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Order supplies

Order supplies quickly and easily by filling out the form below. Your order will be delivered within 24 to 48 business hours.

Other options are available. Contact a representative by telephone or email.

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Contact Customer Service

Our team is there for you, whether you are already a client or not.

Our Customer Service representatives will take your calls Monday to Friday, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. You can also request assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via My CT, by email or via the online support request. Your request will be processed on the next business day.

For improved tracking of your service calls, access My CT or contact us via the following options:

Quebec City and
surrounding area

Beauce and
surrounding area

Provide a meter reading

If you have equipment with Groupe CT under a service contract, we recommend that you send your meter readings via My CT. You can also send your meter readings by telephone.

Find out about automatic meter readings.


Consultative approach

Start your digital transition with the proper support

With effective document management, it is now possible for companies to optimize their workflow. See how our team can offer you customized support throughout your digital transition in order to generate results.