Your company’s efficiency – our priority!

Whether you need technical support for your equipment, managed print services or tracking tools, our various departments work together to make your life easier.

All our teams are trained to offer you swift, personalized and ongoing support, aligned with your business goals. By providing you with qualified technicians, specialized project managers and smart tools, we ensure you’ll enjoy a customer experience that meets all your expectations.


Our competent, certified technicians offer a reliable assessment and optimal maintenance of your equipment.

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CT’s proactive management solutions reduce your printing costs for optimal management of your print fleet.

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The CT experience involves centralized, transparent and automated support through efficient technological tools made available to clients.

Our certifications

We’re proud to hold a number of certifications, ensuring our clients of cutting-edge expertise and high-quality service. We invest in the training and certification of our technicians to meet the highest service standards of our manufacturers. These certifications provide us with access to our partners’ valuable support, with direct benefit for our clients.

In addition to certifications in manufacturing, we encourage our technicians to obtain additional accreditations, to offer our clients the highest levels of technical expertise.

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Take control of your document management! We can give you access to the best business practices to improve your productivity, control your costs, protect your documents and reduce your environmental impact.

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