Reliable, effective support across the board

In order to provide optimal maintenance of your equipment, our technicians undergo continuous training, and their technological knowledge is constantly updated. Their certifications mean you receive the highest service standards of our partner manufacturers.

A competent and dedicated team

Customer service has always been a key concern for us. That’s why we provide our technicians with continued training, ensuring their knowledge of new technologies is always up to date so they can provide optimal maintenance of your equipment and solutions. Just one inspection is enough to make a reliable diagnosis. In addition, we are committed to using original parts only, to ensure the long-term reliability of all your devices.
Our team provides ongoing and agile support, in line with your business objectives.

Our partners

Groupe CT offers unmatched flexibility and strength to both SMEs and multinationals. Our position as the largest multi-brand independent retailer in Canada has allowed us to build strong partnerships with the major manufacturers in the industry.

Our certifications

We’re proud to hold a number of certifications, ensuring our clients of cutting-edge expertise and high-quality service. We invest in the training and certification of our technicians to meet the highest service standards of our manufacturers. These certifications provide us with access to our partners’ valuable support, with direct benefit for our clients.

In addition to certifications in manufacturing, we encourage our technicians to obtain additional accreditations, to offer our clients the highest levels of technical expertise.

Our partnerships with the largest manufacturers give Groupe CT unmatched flexibility and strength. A single visit from one of our technicians will suffice to provide a reliable diagnosis. We use only original parts to ensure the long-term reliability of all your devices.