Environmentally aware

Groupe CT’s mission is to educate Canadian companies about sustainable development and the positive impact of effective document management.

Printing responsibly changes everything for your finances and also for the planet. As a company, we also have a responsibility to take care of the world around us. You can make a real difference through improved document management.

Groupe CT offers ongoing support in your switch to digital with an offering of eco-responsible, reliable and effective solutions, enabling you to reach your growth objectives faster.

Cartridge recovery and recycling

Did you know that an ink cartridge takes between 400 and 1000 years to break down in nature? You can reduce the environmental impact significantly by recycling your consumables.
A cartridge recovery and recycling service is available to all our clients free of charge. Our suppliers reuse cartridges responsibly, meaning a cartridge can have more than one lifetime.

For Xerox cartridges, we invite you to benefit from the Xerox cartridges return program.

For all other cartridges, please contact our Customer Service Department to find out where to dispose of them.

ENERGY STAR approved products

The ENERGY STAR initiative musters municipal, provincial and local governments, utility companies, distributors, retailers, procurement managers and interest groups for the implementation of effective solutions to meet national climate change objectives.

We are proud to promote ENERGY STAR approved products through our different manufacturers. Please feel free to ask our team for advice and more information about our energy-efficient products.

Please contact our Customer Service Department for more information about our eco-friendly solutions.