A history that makes us proud

Founded in Laval, Groupe CT, then known as Montreal Photocopieur, has been working in the printing technology industry for over 30 years. Over the years, we have helped thousands of businesses increase their productivity and efficiency by offering state-of-the-art equipment adapted to their needs.

With the arrival of Tomy Bélanger in 2008, the company took a new breath and became CT Copieur. It was in 2012 that the company officially became Groupe CT. Since then, Groupe CT has won the trust of several large Canadian companies with its unique approach. In 12 years, the number has multiplied by 20, even if the industry is mature. The company is positioning itself today as a consolidator and wishes to extend its expertise across Canada. In 2018, Tomy Bélanger decided to partner with Stéphane Guérin, who will add his strategic operational expertise to the team.

Always on the lookout for new trends, in 2016, the company is going digital! Groupe CT is looking to the future with innovative electronic document management solutions to help businesses move towards a paperless environment.

The success of Groupe CT was not won by itself: it was the result of the efforts of our employees who, over time, have evolved and innovated with the needs of the market. It is this evolving culture that allows us to offer the best to our customers.

30 years of excellence

On February 9, 1987, a company was created that has not stopped innovating since. In a constantly changing market, Groupe CT has established itself as one of the industry’s largest players in Canada.


Groupe CT continues to grow and employs more than 140 people in Canada.


In one year, the number of printing devices in service more than doubles.


Groupe CT wins the Cup for Canon's largest retailer in Canada, for the third consecutive year.

July 2016

CT Copieur modernizes its image and becomes Groupe CT.

Acquisition - 2016

CT Copieur acquires IDS Solutions (March).

Acquisition - December 2016

Groupe CT acquires Bureautique Guy Drouin via its SAC division.


CT Copieur has more than 5,000 printing devices in service across Canada.

Acquisition - 2015

CT Copieur acquires Solutions d’Affaires de la Capitale in the Quebec City region.

Acquisition - 2014

CT Copieur continues its expansion in Estrie by acquiring CDS.


CT Copieur has more than 2,500 units in service.

Acquisition - 2012

CT Copieur acquires a client base from ICT Système d’Imagerie.


Tomy Bélanger becomes President and sole shareholder of CT Copieur.


CT Copieur becomes the largest Canon retailer in Canada for the first time.


The company has nearly 1,000 printing machines in service and nearly 15 employees.


Tomy Bélanger sets up an entrepreneurial succession plan with the aim of taking over the company.


CT Copieur becomes an authorized Canon retailer.

February 9, 1987

Establishment of Montréal Photocopieur Inc.


Groupe CT’s success has not been achieved alone: it is the result of efforts by our employees who, over time, have been able to adapt and innovate alongside market needs. It is this culture of change that allows us to offer the best to our clients.

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