Making the decision to sell a company is never easy. As an entrepreneur, you might be contemplating this option at different stages of your journey.

Perhaps you’re looking for a team to take over once you retire, because you want to take on new projects. Or perhaps growth has stagnated, and you need to breathe new life into your business and switch it into a higher gear. Whatever your reasons, we would be more than happy to discuss it with you in person.

At GROUPE CT, every acquisition counts

We offer cutting edge technology, personalized services and value-added solutions that enable our clients to optimize their paper environment through electronic document management (EDM). This mission requires a business model founded on organic growth and also an acquisition strategy with the following objectives:

  1. Strengthen the markets in which we’re already present (greater Montreal area, Québec City, Beauce and Toronto) to reinforce our existing operations.
  2. Broaden our geographic reach to develop a Canada-wide clientele.
  3. Diversify our product and service offering by seizing the opportunity to acquire B2B solutions in sectors with a future in electronic document management (data management, 3D printing, cloud servers, IT services, IT and business security).
  4. Acquire new talent to expand our pool of expertise available to support our clients’ needs.

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Share our vision and values?

Although every transaction is unique, experience has shown that the common denominator of successful mergers is having a shared vision and values. At Groupe CT, our vision consists in being recognized as an effective team driven by passion, innovation and the ongoing pursuit of our clients’ success. And our values are:

Attentiveness: We listen. We have a passion for collaborative work and the well-being of our community. We promote teamwork, communication and respect.

Integrity: We adhere to high ethical standards. We are genuine and act appropriately, even when no one is looking.

Commitment: We are fully committed, and we demonstrate courage and perseverance in striving for better results for our clients, for each of us as individuals, and for the company.

Our promise – a respectful and harmonious transition

Like any good entrepreneur, you’ve probably already done your homework (i.e. your calculations). The photocopier industry is mature but not in decline. The electronic document management industry is young and just starting to grow. And the technology sector continues its explosive growth. If you work in one of these industries, it’s an opportune time to sell. The challenge is finding the right partner with whom to make the deal.

This is Groupe CT’s promise for each acquisition process:

  1. We will offer you optimal value for your business.
  2. The negotiation process will be confidential and transparent from start to finish.
  3. We will be a good transfer partner and ensure a smooth transition.
  4. We will take care of your employees, who will be treated with respect and receive the proper support to grow with us.
  5. We will focus our leadership on contributing to the growth and sustainability of your project. Learn more about our management team.

Our acquisition success stories

Nous misons sur l’expérience et le succès de nos précédentes transactions pour poursuivre notre stratégie d’acquisitions. Groupe CT a réussi quatre transitions harmonieuses au cours des dernières années :

• Solutions d’affaires de la capitale
• Bureautique Guy Drouin
• IDS solutions

Contact us

You now understand Groupe CT’s intentions and acquisition approach. If our vision and values are aligned with how you envisage the future of your company, contact us for a meeting. We assure you that all communications will be kept strictly confidential.

Contact : Tomy Bélanger, President
T :450.967.3142 ext 7101 |